Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm flinging into FABULOUS and lovin it!  Because what I know is fabulous isn't just available for a select few.  FABULOUS is meant for everyone!

Do you remember when you were a child and a box was soo much fun?  You can take any box and it could become anything you wanted from a spaceship to a house to a car to a puppet theatre...the list was endless.

Well, this is my grown up version.  Who knew my box would grow up and be glass and filled with yummy chocolate kisses! Thank you Hammer + Sickle for making such an amazing cigar box!

To me fabulous is taking anything from an idea, clothing, anything about you, a song ect. and stamping it with your mark, breaking the barriers into making not only you but everyone feel well fabulous...feathering as far and wide as you can go!

Today, remember that childhood excitement of no boundaries for your box.  When you climb in or out or on top of your box you open yourself up to fabulous things and the world will be thankful!

xxxxoooo Michelle

My box came from Olde Tyme Smoke Shoppe, Long Beach Island, NJ 609-492-1600
Pat, the owner is super knowledgeable and very helpful.  He  provides that old time service that we all love and miss a little bit.  He will help you with all your cigar and cigar box needs.  (He does mail order as well :)

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