Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to school 2nd grade!

Nyla's so excited for school, she is going into 2nd grade!  I can't believe it...our baby is getting so big.   I'm really excited too;  I have know idea what we are in store for but I'm ready!

Nyla organized her pencil box and backpack,
picked out her outfit, went to bed early.  She's excited about riding the bus for the first time.  

Nyla's a little shy but she said she was going to say hello instead of waiting for the new kids to say hello first. (wow! she's so wise, maybe I'll do that too).

In the morning after trying on her clothes, Nyla did a quick outfit change.  We got to the bus stop way to early and the bus was a little late but finally the moment arrived; where the parents had to release their babies into the hands of the bus driver. (I got his pic just in case :

Nyla's pencil box and her favorite crayons in rainbow fashion

I got a little teary eyed when I saw this picture. I love her face it's filled with possibilities

Thanks everyone for sharing my Nyla's special day!  I'm glad Andy was home from fishing to share this too, he's excited waves all week.  I'm off to do well, I'm not really sure...but I'm gonna have a great time doing it, you too! 
xxxxoooo Michelle

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