Thursday, April 3, 2014


Here's something to try - Grab an old book or magazine, some markers, highlighters and have some fun celebrating National poetry month. 

We did this at our local library and really had a fun time.  It's a good way to get your poetry power and slip in a little reading with your kids.  

Just cut out some pages from old books or magazines, grab a marker (we used black but any color will do) & block the words you like, draw a line through the ones you don't. Highlight your blocked words to make them stand out.

I love how Nyla spiced hers up with a heart and cool red lines; mines a little on the conservative side compared to hers :)

Here are some other cool things to make with your old books Secret Agent Spy Stash  & try this Glad Book Game.

I'd love to read your rockin' poems!! Hey, I hope you have a really fun, creative day!

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  1. This is such a cool trick! I am altering an old book right now for some nature trail notes for me and my son. Love this idea and gonna try it on one of the pages!

  2. Thanks! and have fun on your nature trail adventure :) Michelle

  3. This sounds like a fun idea, and saves the effort of cutting out words and sticking them on paper to make a poem. I can see that children would love doing it too. Your version is good, it has a rather surreal feel to it.

  4. Yes, my daughter loved this and actually won first place :) You can get really creative with your words & designs too - whatever your imagination allows :)


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