Sunday, January 15, 2012

A wish for you...

As mentioned in my previous post, we were going to take an adventure on Friday.  The reality of a death of a former fisherman hit home and we were going to maximize our family adventure time, we were even going to take Nyla out of school. 
Well, Thursday night Nyla got a fever so our adventure turned out to be staying home taking care of our baby.  You know what; we did have a good time, aside from Nyla’s fever that is.  Throughout the next couple of days, we had a reprieve from the everyday question, “Can I play with someone?”  We were kinder to each other; we snuggled more, we prayed more for our little one to feel better, we baked, we tried new recipes, we even made a homemade video involving our dogs (maybe you will see it one day); we read more, we laughed a whole lot more, things were done with kindness (instead of “I know you can get your own drink”), gave more Reiki, we watched less TV.
We really enjoyed being a family.  We did not wonder what we were going to do, or grump about household chores we did them or not and that was ok, we just enjoyed the moment and taking care of each other.  I am sorry Nyla had a fever but I am not sorry about our weekend, it was a family adventure of getting back to what makes our family work so good. 

My wish for you today is allow yourself to enjoy, really enjoy your family!  (hopefully without sickness)   xxxxoooo Michelle

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