Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspiration found...

Yesterday, we went on an inspiration drive and we found sooo many things.  When I go on these inspiration drives/walks, the inspirational things are not always the obvious big things more than likely its little things that I would not normally notice unless I am making myself aware to find them.  So that makes me think inspirational things are always there for us we just have to embrace them.  So I will.

I want to tell you first about an e-mail I got last night from someone who inspires me before it expires.  She is a fun loving, inspirational author/speaker plus so much more  and she's offering a FREE phone class to talk about her program called WINS this week, Go to www.planetsark.com to register.  It’s at 9:00 pm this Thursday for us East coasters.  You know what; she is the one who first introduced me to inspirational walks.  Her WINS program is geared for authors but even if  that’s not your thing, listen to the call because her calls are always filled with positive good vibe energy and you’ll end the call pumped up for dream achieving! (That's her below doesn't she just look fun!)
Susan (AKA SARK)

My next inspirational thing came in this little tiny package.  They were fluttery little sprinkles of snowflakes!  We saw them driving, it was just enough to make you feel the prettiness of snowflakes and want to touch them.  Matter of fact, Nyla, and one of her bff’s, Stella were trying to roll down the windows to catch one on their tongues.  The snowflakes were gone in an instant but not the feeling of excitement that they bring of bigger snow days to come and the realization that each one is an individual and has its own sparkle.  It got me thinking more in depth about individuality.  People are like snowflakes; filled with their individuality and sparkle.  Kinda silly to say but true, sometime when your shoveling snow and after a while it doesn’t look so pretty you have to really dig deep to realize its sparkle and sometimes people are like that too but we all have it, so it’s up to us as an individual or whole to find that sparkle to keep us going!

I want MommysPinkieLipgloss to be a place where we realize our sparkle.  Any ideas I would love to hear them!


oh, I'll write more about the other inspirational things another time, I'm gonna go enjoy the day now.

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