Friday, January 27, 2012


No this word is not a type-o, it is a real word and I just love it!
Pronounced like, although I am still a little unsure
Guess what it means? 

It is the feeling you get when you figure something out! 

Awesome, huh?  I fell in love with this word, I haven't really had a chance to throw it out there and use it too much so I put it on my mailbox.  I have a mailbox that is attached to our house that we don't use, only for leaving things for people when were not home, the real one is on the street. 

A few friends said it kind of looked like I just threw some letters out there; also, someone had a hard time finding my house they thought it was a last name.

So, I took SHCHEKOTIKI off (bye fun word for now) and put this on

It fits our house.
Hey, I hope you all enjoy SHCHEKOTIKI (the feeling you get when you figure something out) this weekend! xxxxoooo Michelle 

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