Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Naked People in the Snow...

Well, their statues...but I just love the idea, not that I would actually do it because well I really don't like the cold but it sure sounds fun, in a freezy type of carefree way.

We went to this awesome, awesome museum, check out their website  I just love this place, it is mainly an outside museum, and that’s where we saw these fun lovin freezies.  Since there was so much snow, we could not read who was the artist or the name of this sculpture (sorry).

Grounds for Sculpture is such a fun place for kids of all ages; some statues you can actually touch and climb on, its roaming acreage is filled with all kinds of  hidden treasures and pathways just waiting to discover.  It's a definite must see, for first timers I would recommend going when there is not so much snow so you can really check it out, maybe even one of the resident peacocks will be your tour guide (yes, I said peacocks as if this place wasn't cool enough!). 

We originally went there to check out the ice sculpture demonstrations, truly great artist at work!  I'm always up for checking out people with cool talents.  There were 3 different artist at work at the same time.  We got a little side tracked with all the other amazing statues and did not see the full demonstration. 

I would have loved to stay and get more info on the ice sculptures but Nyla had been sick the day before, she was getting cranky and she has started a growling thing that I am not too happy with so it was time for us to go!
Have an excellent day, enjoy the rest of the pictures and stay away from growling children!  xxxooo Michelle


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