Tuesday, January 17, 2012


One of the awesome perks to my husband’s job is we get the freshest of the freshest seafood and I just love seafood!!

When we have scallops one of my favorite ways to eat them is in CEVICHE, it just oozes summertime.  I love making this delicious treat in the wintertime just for that very reason, to remind me of those warmer, balmy, sundrenched days...

Here is our recipe we like to keep the heat for the individual’s taste but you can add a hot pepper of your choice.  This time we used this hot sauce, yummy and hot just a tiny droplet did it for me!

Ceviche Recipe
Chopped Fresh seafood, we used scallops but you can use raw shrimp, fish, ect.
Chopped onions, red & green peppers
Fresh squeezed limes to cover
Tiny bit of sugar
(a little 7-up, shhh this is the secret)
Chopped spicy peppers if you want

Try to cut everything even but no big deal if you don’t.  Taste, if yummy then let marinate, if too limey then add a little more sugar, if too sweet add more lime juice.

Serve in cute little cups, I like to use our Costa Rica shot glasses and with saltine crackers.

It’s a really easy recipe and as I said, you will be dreaming of those summertime days even if it’s frozey outside!  By the way, Nyla just loves ceviche!!

Heres to balmy days in the winter!
xxxxoooo Michelle

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