Monday, January 9, 2012

Be Dazzle Me BONBONS

It seems as if everyone I ran into on Friday had the blues and by the end of the day, it rubbed off on me and I kind of had them too!  I had some time to waste before picking Nyla up from school instead of vacuuming the car I decided to swing into a few shops to look around.  WOWEE ZOWWEE am lucky I found these guys.

I just love how someone takes an already delicious bonbon and glams it up!  Can’t be blue when you lay your eyes on these babies!
I started talking to Vickie.  She was so friendly.  She said wear your lip-gloss when you eat these.  Thats when I told her the name of my blog.  I found out she’s the mother of five grown boys!  (Holy guacamole!)  I just have to support the mommies, especially this one with such a yummy business!  

Well the moment to eat these beauties wasn’t right until Sunday.  I told Nyla put some lip-gloss on I have a surprise for you!  Once she saw these, she gasped with excitement! 

Nyla thought these bonbons should have some bedazzley hair; she’s really getting into styling these pictures. 

Can't wait any longer!

Blue is one of Nyla's favorite colors, I think blue glittery lipgloss looks great on her!  :)

I guess on this day—this morning THIS stay at home mom really is hanging out eating bonbons!  :)
To get your “morning” bonbons or any of her sweet treats go to The Vintage Chocolate & Sweet Shoppe, 657 E. Bay Ave., Manahawkin, NJ

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