Friday, June 7, 2013

Pill box to Candy Stash!

Ok, I never ever ever thought I would own one of these things!
But, I've had crazy allergy, coughy junk going on these days & I hate seeing all those medicine bottles all over my counter top.  The thing is if I tuck them away in my cabinet then I forget all about them.  So, I've been thinking there has got to be away to glam this up! 

So, another trip to the dollar store & I picked up a jumbo sized pill box.

Now, that I'm done with my medicine I've got a place for my candy stash and my counter looks way funner!

Uh huh, quickest DIY ever! I just grabbed some duck tape & some glitter tape, scissors and I was done in about 5  all while chillin in the sun.

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