Thursday, June 13, 2013


This is about the quickest, easiest 6 ingredient meal EVER! Plus, its super yummy & filling.

Here's what you need:
Can of tuna in olive oil

Here's how:
While gnocchi is boiling (about 3 min.), tear some fresh spinach, get out a can of solid chunk tuna in olive oil, cut a tomato, grab 2 little cheese triangles.

After gnocchi is cooked put in a large bowl, throw in the spinach (it will cook from the steam), tuna, tomatoes, gently stir together then mix in your cheese.
At the end throw in your croutons and this is what makes it a salad :) 

I made my croutons from scratch & after making these yummy things, I'm never going back, finally no more throwing all that bread away! 

Oh, if there is any left over, this taste yummy cold the next day, but if your going to eat it this way just skip throwing them into the big bowl the night before & save for individual taste.

I'm having fun here, come join the party!
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