Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crayon love again!...

Put some broken crayons in little cupcake things & a cake pan, put that in a ziplock baggie, and let the sun do the work... easy peasy!! 

Nyla & I thought this looked like a flower, she wanted to put this in her room

We added a little sticker with the start time & temperature,  then another with ending time. (about 1hr 20min/84 degrees)

I forgot, well...actually we were all out of aluminum foil, (can you believe that what kind of household is that?) but anyway throw some foil on the bottom of your pan. My cupcake things leaked now I have to deal with that...yuk!

We've re-enjoyed crayons before but always in the oven; I got this great sun-soaked idea from MamaSmiles, she has a year long blog carnival where you can find & link great ideas by the season.  How cool is she!!!


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