Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crayons + Beach Shells = Perfect keepsake!

We gathered these clam shells from Nyla's school field trip awhile back.  I remembered making shell candles back when I was a little girl so I thought it would be fun to do with Nyla.

As always, Nyla added her fun, creative twist to my ordinary plain.  YAY, I just love her!

crayons with wrappers removed & broken up
wax (we used soy)

Just melt your wax according to directions
(we melted ours in the microwave w/safe containers)
Add melted crayons (we used Nyla's favorite colors, blue, pink & green)
Add your wick (this is the trickiest part trying to get your wick to stay up) 
Add anything fun to melted wax, Nyla chose to add crayons, crayon shavings & some of the wax that spilt out of shells when it dried she broke off & added to wax)   

 (Nyla gave some to her teacher as part of a thank you gift & now I've got plenty of candles for hurricane season!)  

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  1. Homemade pressies are always the best! These are so bright and cheerful - what a great idea. Thanks for sharing on Summer Carnival.


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