Thursday, May 15, 2014


I have this white silverware tray...drives me crazy!! When I first bought it, I thought clean lines, modern.  Now, years later its dirty; I really don't get it because all the silverware goes in clean.  What IS that silverware doing in there?

duck tape crafts, home decor silverware tray makeover

Anyway, I always forget to buy another one even though it's a constant reminder every time I open that drawer, Yuck! I've gotta get a new one.  Drives me nuts!! 
Home decor DIY silverware tray makeover
So today is the day, I'm not going to go nuts (at least over that anymore).  I decided to glam up my tray & give my silverware a little beach towel so to speak :)

 It's not perfect but it took me about 5 minutes & a little duck tape to end that frustration and I'm lovin' that!!

Here are some more of my Changes in 5 minutes. My FLIRTY Chandelier,  Mailbox FUN & Stove Hood Makeover.

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