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This is a fun way to reuse all those Popsicle sticks that you'll have this summer! I discovered this idea from Craft Fairy & Craft Affection I switched it up a bit by using coffee stir sticks since I had them left over from my tea/coffee stir stick craft.  The cute little bangles fit my wrist as well as Nyla's... perfect huh?)

Here's what you do:

Soak your sticks - soak more than you need; a few of mine broke or the ends looked a little frayed, plus this is cool so your gonna wanna a bunch! (since I used the coffee sticks it really didn't take that long about 15-20 min, Popsicle sticks will take longer)

Then bend them a little & put in a glass with water to get their shape started. (a small little juice glass works good)

Bangle Bracelet DIY, popsicle stick craft
Take them out of the water in a few minutes & let them get almost dry bend them a little more to fit your wrist.  Bend & dry, bend & dry till you get the shape.  Sometimes you might have to soak them again for a bit. Just play around with them until you get the shape that fits your wrist.

FUN PART - Decorate however you want. 

We had little flowers from our craft stash so we glued them on. It doesn't matter if you glue them in the exact same spot on each bracelet. If you wear them in multiples its like wearing a little wrist corsage :)

Thanks Craft Fairy & Craft Affection for inspiring us!!

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