Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tea Bag Pretty Tags diy...

This is a repost but since Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought this might be another idea for you :) 

...and these little tea bag pretty tags are good for just about any holiday or occasion.

I got this idea from the gorgeous blog,Hank and Hunt. She made incredible pom pom teabags.

I added my own spin to her idea & made these.

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tea bag tag crafts, gift ideas

How easy is that!  Just grab some scrap paper &/or duck tape, glue dots and stick away. My first ones, the string was a little long & dangly so just wrap the string around the original tea bag tag before you add your cute little tag. (if you want - you can even reuse the tags when your done, thanks to glue dots)

I think they will be a perfect gifty for our very sweet tea lovin friend, Judy.

The possibilities are truly endless, I can't wait to make more! Thanks to all of you for inspiring me daily, love ya!! 

Super big time thanks to Jenny from Hank and Hunt! You made my cup of tea a super treat!

Now, it's tea time!

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  1. These are so creative! Makes drinking tea so much more fun! Enjoy your tea. I def want some now =)
    Happy to follow your cute blog!


  2. What a great idea! Will have to show Second Daughter, right up her street. :o)

  3. Thanks Shugarlove & Funky Wellies for stopping by, lets have tea time together, my place or yours? :) Michelle


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