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Popsicle Party for POP!

Margarita Popsicles...need I say more???

Since Father's Day is just around the corner & we love homemade frozen Margarita's & smoothies in our home, I thought why not have a Popsicle Party for Father's Day!

I thought a personalized "Poparita or is it Poparito" Popsicle would be a super fun way to kick off our Father's Day celebration.

Popsicles #Margarita popsicles personalize your popsicles

You see in my house, my husband, Andy is a commercial fisherman...which means we never know when he will be home!  So we have to celebrate when we can & sometimes we miss the actual day but if were lucky we can celebrate before, during & after :) 

This works out super cool for spreading the word about our "Popsicle for POP" party. 

This party is super easy, just takes a little planning. 

I simply got some pictures printed from my favorite place Shutterfly - totally lovin' the valet door delivery service - saved me an extra stop (they even have for new members - 50 free prints- how cool is that!!)  

Bought some popsicle sticks from the craft store and also got little 3 oz. cups; they seemed to work best for margarita drinkers & little hands.   

I used super silly pictures from past birthday parties & vacations; cut out the faces from my pictures then glued them to my popsicle sticks.  
Popsicle Party

I have to tell you...we totally cracked up laughing every time we opened the freezer!  It was like the fun patrol & ice cream police all rolled into one hanging out in there :)  Plus, after the shock of seeing them in my freezer,it brought back all those happy memories from the pictures.

I found that cutting the photo wider at the bottom works better for propping up on the cup - rather than waiting 2 hours to put the sticks in.  You still need to check to make sure the sticks don't get tipsy :) 

Now that my sticks are all prepped, time to make the yummy popsicles...YAY!

We made frozen watermelon Poparitas.
Margarita Recipe:
2 shots of silver tequilla
1 shot triple sec liquor
1 shot Rose's lime juice
lots of ice, blend until yummy

Now for the Kid time Popsicles:
Father's Day party ideas

Nyla, my fabulous Popsicle maker chose her favorite drink - pink lemonade.  How easy just pour lemonade into a little tiny cup, then wait for it to harden a little & add the sticks.  We also had magic shell on hand for some yummy chocolatey dipping!!  WOW!!  

When ready to serve, simply cut along seam of cup, if the cup sticks to the bottom, wet it a tiny bit with water and that should do the trick. 

We kept making more popsicles but kept it simple and used what was in our fridge; Customizing to our bff's - milk, chocolate milk, grape & apple juice. That's the beauty of popsicles, the possibilities are endless!

Popsicle party personalized popsicles for Dad

Since this was such a special party - I'm thinking, I'm going to get all these picks made into a photobook that way whether Andy is here or not we'll have this special day in our hearts and on our coffee table.  (my photo bff, Shutterfly can do that for me too :)

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  1. This is such a great idea! I think we'll have to do something like this for Fathers Day and I'll take photos. Then next year we'll use the photos for the popsicle fun! Stopping by from the Bloggers Brag party. Chrystal @

  2. Thanks! Keep me posted I would love to see the pictures :)

  3. Wow, that looks like such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing it at the Say G'day Saturday linky party-I've just pinned this!

    Best wishes and hope you can join us again this weekend!
    Natasha in Oz

  4. Hi Michelle,
    What a funny party idea! Visiting you from Yuck Stops Here.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing on Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party!! LOVE THIS!!!

  6. Thanks everyone, these are so much fun, thanks for stopping by! :) Michelle


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