Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Today is the perfect day for baking something yummy, its been gray, spitting rain and the temperature has dropped to well, what fall weather should be.  We've been so fortunate to hang on to the warmer temperatures that I just have to thank my lucky...flipflops.  Now its time for socks.
all ready to bake

My Mom makes some real yummy pumpkin date bread, she bakes them in left over cans and they look real cute all wrapped up in aluminum foil.  Well, I couldn't find her recipe, so I tried another.  All I can think about is that yummy stuff!  Warm, with a little butter and sprinkle of sugar.  The batter was tasty, we added butterscotch chips, Nyla said, "delightful", big wow about to happen.  I thought, I will give a few out.  I kept checking, after an hour I took them out, then thought no maybe longer, after some time I took them out and let them cool, I scooted them out of their cute little cans, their puffy tops kinda fell and now realizing it they're super heavy. I did something wrong, I'm bummed :(

xxxxxoooo Michelle

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