Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cars oh my!...

I know nothing about cars, but WOW! We went to a festival the other day and I'm in love!
It was so much fun imagining, reminiscing, watching the owners kick-backed and chilled, as we were all dreaming...

but NOT touching!

It was so hard not to just jump in and take it for a pretend spin like a kid - just holding on to the steering wheel wiggling it left and right, why couldn't we just touch the perfect paint color that I thought only animals could have and make it all smeary?  The sun reflected and sparkled in every car, everyone looked amazing in those reflections!  Why couldn't I just?

Because... for so many reasons, even my daughter got it.

xxxxoooo Michelle

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  1. What an exciting day!

    The variety is just incredible.


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