Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Man Cave... I get it!

My husband's Man Cave is our garage and for the past 2 years the only time I would really go in there was to throw out the recycles, grab a drink out of the spare frig. or just to plan ol' pass thru.

Until now.  We just recently moved Nyla's chair and ottoman out there.  The chair that I nursed her in, rocked her to sleep and stared at her for hours in has really not been used to much since those early baby years.  I just could not get rid of it, so many precious hours were spent there!  Now, about this man cave, what I realized is guys don't necessarily need comfy, they can sit on a box, stand for hours it really doesn't matter but now that Nyla's chair is there, I don't mind hanging a little bit.

His cave, it's cluttered and dusty, filled with left over, unused stuff, electronic cords that will probably never be used and who knows what they go to - I know this because I just added some more.  There's possible idea's & dreams hanging around waiting for their time, a lot of used items, the emergency plunger, beachy seasonal items that don't belong in the attic.  

This man cave is exploding with stuff that is not yet forgotten and not ready to be, and ideas that aren't quite thought out but have started, it's got the spinny chair that my daughter if she could drag it up the stairs she would! It's a haven for surfboards that are used every chance they get, half empty paint cans and lots of spray paint cans, house cleaners, all kinds of tools, nuts & nails and basically stuff that I really have no idea what they are. Recycles, are out in the cave too - spilling over their bucket just waiting to be taken to the big recycle bin. Stuff that was given to us - we really didn't want it but took it, some bins filled with our past homes and just plain past that we can't keep at mom's anymore. It's cold in the winter and cool in the summer, there's probably a mouse hanging out in there too.

It also has different kinds of fishing boots and fishing clothes for Andy's work, wet suit, springsuit, 5mm, 3mm booties and gloves, the snow shovel and half used bag of salt waiting for snow, brooms and balls, an antique chair, easel and paints, broken toys and things that get dragged in and dragged out.

You don't have to be tidy here, no inhibitions, no dress code you can come here unshaven, wear the "outfit" that you would never want anyone to see you in.  You can do this anytime of day or night and it will welcome you with the same "come as you are" policy. Anything can be said and like Vegas its staying there, it's basically a kid free zone, although Nyla gets a kick out of "going to get" a juice box from the spare refrigerator for her and her friends.

It's a chaotic, messy, unorganized bunch of love.  So, I get it now, I get why he hangs there. (now that I've got a comfy spot to hang, I'll be hanging more.)  I use to always want to straighten it up and maybe glam it a bit.  Don't get me wrong, it needs a good sprucing every once in awhile but you can leave that need to clean and organize right at the door, cause this man cave is all about getting away and leaving that kind of cleaning behind.  It's really a genius secret spot, to grab a few silent, alone minutes.

Yes, my husband's man cave - its filled with us - lovingly all parts of us and he shares it, I'm so glad...

Don't worry, I'm not sharing a picture of this mess of love with ya. :)  I just wanted to share that I get it now.   xxxxxoooo Michelle

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