Saturday, October 6, 2012

Costa Rica Farm...Rancho Avellanas

There is nothin better than a farm near the beach!  This farm was so awesome, the animals were so cared for, beautiful, silly and happy. 

We left with home-made cheese, yogurt drinks & cream cheese. 

I can't wait to go back, this time we'll get up early enough for the milking!

Thank you, Rancho Avellanas for letting us walk around and enjoy your animals!       

and kids being kids!

This was such a fun and memorable experience.  Thank you Farmers worldwide, we really appreciate you!!

Love and big hugs to all the kids, Cindy, Tiffany and Jerry for sharing this day with us!  

Even if you can't get to the farm to get some of the freshest milk ever, you can still have a home-made experience. Here's how we made some buttery goodness.

Were going to check out a different farm today, a pumpkin farm. We'll share pics when we get back.  xxxxoooo Michelle


  1. awww....I love those adorable piggies!!
    Great pics - great blog! Looks like you had a fabulous day at the it!

    And post below - I love my beans and rice...yummm....fall weather, it's all I make. Cheap and nutritious!

  2. Thanks for hangin with me in blogville! :)


Thanks for making me smile from your sweet comment!