Friday, October 19, 2012

A Corny kind of...

One day we decided to take a walk, Nyla started showing me how crunchy the acorns sounded as she stomped on them.  So as we walked with heads down trying to find more, we realized our neighborhood was covered with them.  Soon, I realized these are cute little things, so I began collecting them and filling up Andy's pockets.

When we got home, I started swooping them with my gold paint pen and that's how my cute little acorn family came to be.  Aren't they cute with their little hats?

They didn't last too long in our family though, it was time for them to move on... our dog Martine got some off the table for a little snack and rolly toy.  Bye, acorny family thanks for hanging with us! You too! Have an awesome adventure today :) xxxxoooo Michelle

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