Saturday, June 2, 2012

If I were a Giant...

If I were a giant, I would wear this necklace...                                                                                     

with these ROCKIN shoes...

I would always wear my super sunglasses that reflect the sparkly earrings that I love...

and I would hand you every rainbow so that you could always feel that "Ahhh awe"  and reach your pot of gold, I would also wear a t-shirt that says I'm BIG on friendship!

That's what I would do if I were a Giant today, I hope you have a Giant Style inspirational day! xxxxoooo Michelle

My "Necklace" is created by the awe-inspiring glass blower Dale Chihuly. (I am in love with his magical creations!) For more information about this amazing artist click here.  For a breathtaking website that educates & makes it oh so easy to buy one of Chihuly's works of incredible art zoom over to ARSTY.NET for a feast of delicious art culture!

You can find my "necklace" and other breath-taking Chihuly pieces at The Borgata Atlantic City, NJ.

My "Rockin" shoes are really my "Rockin" shoes that I love!

My "Sunglasses" reflect chandeliers hanging in the The Borgata Atlantic City, NJ

My "rainbow" is from this post, FABULOUS RAINBOW DIY

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