Thursday, June 7, 2012

FUN oh YEAH!! Kids know where its at!

Our day went like this.  Friends pick us up. We go to an amusement park. Friends treat. The weather is just out of this world perfect. It wasn't crowded since its not quite summer.  There was a relaxed feel in the park.  Our kids are too big for the baby rides :(  aww, but not too small for the big rides.  They can go on rides by themselves now but still enjoy hanging with us for some.  It starts to rain.  We duck inside the arcade.  Nyla wins a few prizes.  Rain stops we go back on rides and go home.

As I looked around the amusement park, I watched Nyla and one of her best buds, Otto run around as they were frantically deciding which ride to go on first. Soon they were swooshing around on the Himalaya, one of my old time favorites. WOW, how cool is this day!

Yeah, this summertime pastime is pretty special. Later as I climbed in my cart solo (first time ever) on the Scrambler, I thought I wouldn't even be here without Nyla (one huge perk for having kids).  I wondered if grownups without kids ever went to a local amusement park or carnival. I probably wouldn't. Sure I remember being a teenager and in my early 20's going to the fair with my roller coaster crazed friend  (remember that one particular time, Susan) and boyfriends but after that as a real adult I don't think I did until Nyla came along.  

As my cart is still flying & zooming in, out & around I get a glimpse at Nyla and Otto happily hanging on, sliding all over their seat;  their eyes as big as saucers and smiles even bigger.  I'm so happy to get this tiny glimpse of them.  Then I see my friends in their cart sitting as a couple.  They look peaceful and happy as they are squished together on their mini date.  I can't wipe the smile off my face as I'm swooshing and holding on, feeling the wind on my face mmm...I almost felt a little queasy whoo...glad on the next swoosh that goes away.  I'm very happy in this moment in time. It's funny how much you can think about during a 3-minute ride.

My final ride was the Sea Dragon, a swinging high-in-the sky boat.  This time we got in the very back row. As we swing higher and higher then whoosh down, Nyla's whole body lifts off the seat, our stomach's drop to our feet as we swing up again.  I'm nervous, I'm excited, I can almost see the ocean, I could probably touch the clouds if I could pry my hands off the safety bar.  I'm lovin it!  The ride ends in perfect time.

As were getting out Nyla's saying, "Again, Again!"

I've got a dare devil of a daughter and that makes me so happy because I'm one at heart too!  Even though now I am a little embarrassed to admit I can't go on the spiny rides anymore.  I haven't thrown up all over somebody yet; but if I push it that's probably gonna happen.  I still get jittery with excitement for the rides that make your stomach drop to your feet even though I can't go on them 3 times in succession like I use to.  I still consider myself hanging with the amusement park champs, kinda.

Nyla created this photo - cool huh?!

Summer's almost here,
Kids or not don't miss this fun! xxxxoooo Michelle

Special Thanks to Mike, Maureen & Otto for taking us to Fantasy Island!  This day was perfect and will be a memory that I will always enjoy!  

(I took all the photos with my phone pretty cool huh? Also, Andy we missed you but we know you were having just as much fun in Costa Rica with Pop Pop)

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