Friday, June 22, 2012

My Pageant Princess

Ever since Nyla watched the reality tv show,  Toddler's & Tiara's she has begged me to let her be in a pageant. To be honest, pageants really aren't my thing but Nyla asked me all winter to find her one and I couldn't put it off any longer.  I am surprised that a pageant is Nyla's thing since she really doesn't like anyone fussing over her

Well, our town was having a pageant, Little Miss Stafford and the Town Crier (for the boys) and when one of the contestants canceled, Nyla became the alternate and the excitement began. 

The pageant coordinator, Diane was just perfect.  The pageant was nothing like the TV show!  Whew!  Ms. Diane wanted it to be a fun experience for all and she did just that! Leading up to the pageant, the children had a bowling, pizza party with the "Miss Stafford" contestants, made chocolate dipped apples, learned line dancing and took a tour of Lucille's Chocolate factory (unfortunately Nyla was sick for that tour). 

Cutie Pies on the float, I love this picture!

Nyla, Caylee and he didn't know it yet but "the Town Crier"
The pageant was part of our town's Founder's Day festivities, the theme was a country hoe down. All contestants got to ride on a float in the parade that kicked off the day's events.  They were soo cute in their country attire! Nyla got the biggest kick out of throwing candy.  I got the biggest kick out of seeing Nyla and her school buddie, Caylee riding through the town waving, throwing candy and getting excited as they saw people they knew.  

The coordinator Diane stressed from the beginning every child was a winner, for the pageant each girl was to wear a dress that made them feel special and pretty; it didn't matter what style the dress was.

Funny, even though I'm not the pageant mom type, I found myself starting to become like one (well just a little but I can see how crazy I could get).
My Sweet Girl! I'm so proud!

Nyla knew from the beginning that she wanted to wear one of her dresses that she already had, she didn't want tights or fancy, little white ruffly socks, she didn't want to get her hair cut either.  I bought a bunch of fancy headbands and bows and she picked out exactly what she wanted.  I tried to sway her to wear her hair a different way but I had to real myself in...I had to realize this was her gig not mine and I didn't want to get her all freaked out before she went on stage.  I did however, lug a purse filled with bows, headbands, hairspray, wipes, tape, ruffly socks, shimmer glitter, perfume and who knows what else just in case, which of course none was used, shimmer glitter, I have no idea what I was thinking!  I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, this was my Nyla's first pageant.

I'm so proud of Nyla, she got up on that stage and answered the questions clear and  proud.  I don't know if she wants to participate in another pageant  but I do know that as her Mommy, I have to let her shine whether its my thing or not.  Nyla just has to know that I'm always going to be the big goofball that is going to cheer the loudest for her! Afterward, we celebrated with a "volcano" drink and funnel cake.

It was a beautiful day, every girl got her crown and trophy.  The winner was sweet, adorable Emmalie Thom, she was super pleasant and we are just pleased as punch that she won. 

Emmalie, Lil Miss Stafford
Special thanks to Ms. Diane, the pageant coordinator, all the Families and contestants, my husband Andy for making sure we were taken care of and friends who shared in our family excitement!

Have an amazing, dream accomplishing day! xxxxoooo Michelle


  1. Absolutely awesome Nyla! I did a few in High School & it takes a lot of courage to be in front of all those strangers. You looked so calm, poised and beautiful!

    Most of all, you look like you had FUN!
    Love ya!!!!
    Margaret (and Amelia & Noella)


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