Sunday, June 24, 2012


Well, as long as I can remember my husband and I have always celebrated our birthdays for way longer than a day, sometimes we like to stretch it out a month, if we can.  Our birthdays are just 5 days apart with Father's Day right in between.

Generally, I'm a happy, positive person but I have my moments that can linger into days.  The day before my birthday, I decided that it would be the last day of feeling unhappy, ungrateful, unaccomplished and all the "un's". 

I thought, when I wake up I'm going to feel revived and new.  So, when I woke up on my birthday, I was mad that I didn't feel that way.  Andy joyfully woke me up with tons of birthday happiness.  He was so happy, inside I felt bad that I couldn't get caught up in his happiness for my special day.  

We quickly got going, he was leaving on a fishing trip and Nyla & I decided we would drive him.  We stopped at my favorite donut shop and they sang, "Happy Birthday" to me in the car as we munched on donuts.  The day continued on with Nyla wanting to play with anyone but me and me saying, it's MY birthday, I was grumpy and felt old.  

Earlier in the week when friends found out it was my birthday (realized Andy would be fishing), Nyla arranged for them to get me a birthday cake to celebrate later in the week, for my "surprise" party.  Its so cute as they were talking about it, I said, "I can hear you, I'm just pretending like I can't."

Well, Andy was still fishing and the day came for my party.  It was suppose to be a hanging out by the pool day with friends.  It turned out to be a monsoon rain that lasted all day and into the night!  Finally, we realized the rain was not stopping, we should go, normally I would just call it but since they were having cake for me, my girl loves cake plus she made all the arrangements; I felt I had to go.

Nyla and I raced to the car, as we climbed in soaking wet already, we watched the rain flow down the sidewalk and ripple in waves before we even started driving. The wind was howling, lightning was jaggedly sparking through the sky, thunder booming.  It looked dark way before night fall. 

Boy, there's something about storm driving that I love, as long as I don't have to be anywhere at a punctual time.  The road was flooded so we had to take an alternate route, I kept thinking WOW, I'll do anything for cake and a friendship pick me up. 

Funny, normally when Andy is fishing the phone rarely works, but on this stormy drive he called. We pulled over so we could talk, he was  happy that we were going to celebrate. I felt comforted and happy hearing his voice for those few minutes.   

When we arrived at our friend's house, soaked from the hot rain,  I peek and see my homemade birthday cake loaded with candles.  It was so sweet, especially since the electricity was off most of the day so it wasn't an easy task; it was a task of love.

Finally, cake time arrived, as my babies helped me blow out my candles and friends watched and sang "Happy Birthday", I felt the love surround me; my birthday funk was replaced with gentle happiness.  Instead of my "25" spankings, Stella suggested that I get 25 hugs.  Feeling those little arms hug me all at once I felt so great, only the feeling that the sweet, innocence of children can provide.

Thank you everyone for making my birthday & me feel super special!

Have a memory making great birthday, it doesn't matter when it is; just keep celebrating till its perfect for you! xxxxoooo Michelle

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