Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bird GLOW! Peacocks and chirp-chirps

These lovely birds are found roaming around the awe-inspiring museum,  Grounds for Sculpture
Ever since I went there a little bit ago I've been thinking of their beauty and finally I just had to share them with you!

I don't know if this white one is a male or female but this beauty just reminds me of an eloquent bride waiting for her charming groom to sweep her off her feet or if its a male he looks like an honored prince waiting for his royal bride-to-be.
Lately, I've realized I've been awakened by the 
early dawn, sweet chirp, chirps of my bird friends. Their chirps are music to my dreams that lull me into morning daydreams (geez they start about 5 am).  I don't know what they are saying as their little words chorus in and out of my dreams. Isn't it funny how when someone speaks a foreign language you fall in love with the beautiful sound not knowing the chores of their words. 

I knew that soon my dreamy, daydreamy slumber would be awakened to the reality in just a matter of time, could be minutes or seconds... but right now as I looked at Nyla and all her animal friends and our dog, Dodger who have sleepily made it into my bed, I hear our other dog, Martine stretching and rolling in his bed; I wait for Andy's call to let us know he is safely back from his fishing trip and will be home anytime.  I realize I'm really enjoying this moment of not knowing the words and just letting my ears enjoy.

As I stretched and smiled to myself, I looked at my arm and see dried up chocolate on my elbow, geez how long has that been there?? Reality of my goofballness has set in :) 

After weeks or maybe more of seeing birds here, there and everywhere, I get it now, finally the delightful bird melody this morning has awakened me to love and understand the Sound and Enjoy the unknowing words of our animal friends as well as embrace the sound of my human friends; not to concentrate so much on the words they are saying but how they are saying it. 

Maybe the Tone is where the lesson is.  hmmm...I'm trying it! 

Enjoy the luscious train of sound today.  xxxxoooo Michelle

Special inspirational thank you's to Grounds for Sculpture and their beautiful roaming peacocks!  Here's another fun time at the museum. 

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