Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It all started with a bunny...

...and the idea for a springtime party was born!

Brie with potato chips ooh la la! 
A pretty pitcher filled with spring water, orange & lemon slices...

My specialty...dollop cucumbers...

and finally...Chocolate chip cookies....mmmmmmmm

All this was instantly thrown together with little bits of this and that and its waiting just for you!  xxxxoooo Michelle


  1. Omg I am drooling. Bunnies and brie, cuc's and choc chips... I am so happy now!!! Is this what they eat in the town of Plizz Dot? You certainly have me curious!!! And tell Nyla, blue sparkle eye shadow sounds quite perfect... I have blue frosting, I wonder if that would substitute??? so fun meeting you -Lilly

  2. Oh thanks Lilly for stopping by!! You are so fun, hmm maybe your on to something blue frosting not only stylish but a tasty treat as well. I like the way you think! hugs!! Michelle


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