Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Nyla came up with this fun idea one day, since she's lovin her new computer (its really our old, old one that is barely hanging on) she thought it would be a great idea to type little messages and make cards for people.  So we did.

She set up our Card Makin Station Waytion and we got busy, my job was to print her messages (she typed them all on 1 piece of paper, every message was a little different and a different color) then she cut them into little strips.  Now Nyla, the speedy card making wiz kid got to work! Since Nyla is the head honcho at this fun making card shop she did all the  personalization (she decided to use stickers left over from the Easter Bunny). Nyla said I could pick out the perfect envelop and get the tape strips ready. 

The Card Makin Station Waytion ended up making 11 fun cards in all. 

I love that Nyla told me it has to be called Card Makin Station Waytion, that she thought of this fun surprise mail idea, surprised that she even knew what a break room was, that it didn't matter that everything was not perfect, each card was individual and simply beautiful, I'm blown away that she's 7 and can type so well and knows to type in Microsoft word and that this whole card shop fit on our counter! 

Yes, I'm a proud, beaming Mommy!
xxxxoooo Michelle
(I hope you get some fun mail today!)

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