Friday, May 18, 2012


Every so often I change the saying on our mailbox and I thought today is the day.  Here's what it says now.

  (I love how this looks like an envelope just waiting to tell you  some explosive news)

I don't know if we can live up to this but I'm going to give it a try because I'm wowly in love with my family, I'm wowly in love with my dreams and loving working to accomplish them and I'm over the moon that you take the time to read my blog!

What prompted this saying well, I'm not really sure I guess I'm going through some changes and I thought why not have the "Wow" lives that we all deserve.  So I thought if I put it out there- it will be out there and I can start being it. Right? Isn't "WOW" house better than "Blah" house? I know we all have days where we feel like a big blah but I'm taking this 5 minute step to change that.  What little 5 minute change can you do to add some WOW  to your now?

To read more about my 5 MINUTE CHANGES and Here's more mailbox fun. 

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I guess "Wowly" is now a word  and WOW, I've got to go give my clothes a bath (laundry really, I'm adding a little pizzazz too  :) xxxxxoooo Michelle

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