Friday, July 13, 2012

Craft Closet Cleanup Lead To...

A new Me! 

One day Nyla was bummed that she didn't have a play date.  I suggested that we trace ourselves onto big paper and take stuff from our craft closet and fill us in.

So we did...I envisioned making mine real cool and artsy, filling mine with chakras (to find out more about chakras click here) and insightful things about me.  Nyla quickly got started on hers giving herself a new eye color since she couldn't find something brown, making cool clothes etc.  Before I could really even get to creating, Nyla asked if she could help with mine.  Well, before I new it she took over and gave me a whole new look.

I guess what I learned afterward was to just go for it, don't think to much and have fun.  I did however give myself a purse and Nyla a microphone since she wants to try out for the reality show, America's Got Talent :)

Nyla had a blast, me too, I love how she gave me feather eyelashes, some "cool" in my heart and skinny spindly legs.  My shirt came from here.

We hung our new looks in Nyla's room.  Recently, we  gave her room a makeover from pink walls to Gypsy Blue but she was missing something- she had a big blank space. Now we're bigger than life and Nyla has her Mommy hanging with her even at nighttime. 

Have some fun, clear some clutter, don't work on being perfect just you...but in a new way! :) xxxxoooo Michelle

Hey, I really appreciate you stopping by, my blog door is always open! :)

I'm having fun here, come join me!


  1. This looks like so much fun it - definitely going to have to give it a go. I have featured it in my junk modelling round-up. Thanks so much for sharing at Empty Your Archive - Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  2. Thanks, it was fun & I think I need to do it again, I'm due for a makeover :), I love your blog, it ROCKS! :) Michelle


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