Monday, July 16, 2012

Blueberry Pickin...

For me, summer just screams blueberry pickin time!  It's our third year now and I'm hooked!  I try to recruit everyone I can, I've learned it is way funner if Nyla has a buddy. I've also learned, I'm crazed and can't stop until I fill up those cans!  There's just something therapeutic about it that I love!  

Nyla's buddy, Walter has gone with us the past two years unfortunately, I lost the pictures :(  The day was perfect, slightly cool and cloudy unlike the years past.

Here's a picture of Nyla from 3 years ago on a crazy hot day, see her pink cheeks.  She was probably thinking, Mommy are we ever gonna get out of here!

If you ever get the chance -  try it. Cause who can resist munching on blueberries as you pick these plump, tart, sweet, jewels!  What a great thing, you leave healthier than when you came! 

Oh and by the way Nyla does not like whole wholewheat pancakes but she likes them with blueberries!!! (Nyla typed this sentence)

Of course we've had blueberry this and blueberry that but I think my favorite is scooping up a handful right out of bowl.

Between the 2 trips I've made this year, we picked 13 pounds.  I think that's enough and  we'll have a little taste of summer well into winter!

Hey, thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a really fun day! xxxxoooo Michelle

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