Thursday, July 19, 2012

GRAFFITI IS THE COOLEST...with these guys!

One day, Nyla and I had nothing to do.  I remembered this cool scene, I told Nyla to grab some accessories.  She grabbed a scarf, sunglasses and spray bottle.  We called her best bud, Walter.  He was game and within minutes...

before you see the pictures, I have to say this artist(s) is awesome! I wish I knew who it was to give them credit.  Thank you "Awesome Artist(s)" for your inspiration which gave us our inspiration and the...


Graffiti Adventure Time with Nyla and Walter

There were so many great pictures, these are only a few of them, I might have to make this post have a part 2, 3 and 4!  Nyla and Walter  had a blast from the get go - just pure fun!

If your looking for something fun and free to do - grab your camera or phone and get busy striking a pose baby!   
The kids thought we should get in on the fun - I'm glad we did!

xxxxoooo Michelle :)

Again super thanks to the artist!! Love and hugs to our super models, Nyla and Walter and thanks to Gina for always being up for my crazy ideas and raising such a great son!

(funny, its rare that I get in the picture since I'm the one who is always taking them; I noticed I'm wearing the same shirt in this post :)  COOL FUN CRAFT 

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  1. I love it so much fun and great memories what a great idea . Love those Mommy's that still have the child within never loose that.Pura Vida


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