Friday, May 10, 2013


I started out making refrigerator coasters, got this fancy & practical idea from Restoration Beauty but Target didn't have enough of the same place mats, I bought 3 and was still gonna give it ago.  I saw this easy but very special  Silhouette DIY from Henry Happenedshe made it so much easier than I have done in the past, so check out her how-to's!  

...and that's when those two amazing ideas collided, my place mats were hanging around on the table; I cut out my photos, laid them right on the place mats then went looking for any extra frames in the closet, no frames but BAMB! I ran into my wrapping paper obsession, added my own twist and this is what I got.

My 3 babies - my wall of babes :)

 These are the pics as I was spray gluing them; I'm so lucky I get to do all this right on my kitchen floor!  That's one of the perks of having old laminate, I'm gonna be in trouble when we get the floor re-done and I have to go to the garage!
Nyla 8 years
Martine 12 years
Dodger 7 years - the baby of the family :)

I generously cut out the profiles in various wrapping papers, I just can't do perfect cutting no matter how hard I try; but I think they turned out pretty good.

I hope you like it! It was super easy peasy.
(place mats, photos, wrapping paper, spray glue, poster puddy to hang)
Thanks to these amazing ladies from Restoration Beauty & Henry Happened for inspiring me!

So there - you have a threefer DIY all in one post :)

I guess I just have to keep going back to Target for my place mats to finish my refrigerator coasters, darn :)

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  1. Hi, Michelle! Love what you came up with from these ideas!!! So very unique! Thanks for the shout out!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and an amazing Mother's Day!!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty


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