Friday, May 3, 2013

This place really exists...

If you are ever in New Jersey, you have to check out the Grounds For Sculpture museum.  It is a peaceful, spacious outdoor adventure where inspirations soar!  

I've been a handful of times and have mentioned it in these post,  Naked People in the snow & Bird Glow. This is the perfect place to go on a date, with a friend and even with a handful of kids of any age!(no kiddin, it's 42 acres for kids to roam and run with even some sculptures you can touch and lots of nooks to find and hide in). 

I went with my super funny friend, Maureen.  This adventure happened right after we dropped the kids off at school, we headed right for Grounds for Sculpture.  Its taken 4 years for us to get there together and it was sooo worth it, we needed some serious friend without the kids time!   

Have you ever been to a place where you never want to leave?  Well, that is exactly how I felt when I went...a place were laundry never existed,the food is just incredible and the landscaping is just a perfect place to dream in...


Thanks to my awesome friend, Maureen for making my day!  She spoke some very important words to me that day, "Michelle do you want to eat lunch surrounded by all the field-trip kids or go eat at the swanky restaurant.  Its taken us 4 years to come here, Both have great menus, you decide"  I chose swanky and am so glad I did, we had an amazing waitress, an incredible lunch and it was so nice to be dining like a lady instead of a mom on the go!

The "Rats" restaurant

Sooo Yummy!
View from our table

We scooted back to school just in the nick of time for pickup.  whew! It was so worth it, now we have a renewed vision, a fresh outlook of being a Mommy and our hearts are swelling with the rewards of friendship! 

Here's to friends who nourish what you need & sun-drenched inspiring places!  I hope you have a day filled with both!

(love ya Maureen, you ROCK! and of course super thanks to Grounds for Sculpture!)

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I'm still in love with this place, just wanted to add a few more pics :)

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