Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crafty Astronaut/Space Crater blob DIY

If I was an Astronaut, I know I would be busy and all but, hey I still have to craft and eat!

So, I got some of this gap filler (for pipes and stuff) put on some gloves and created a few Moon crater umm things...

we sprayed, waited and cut off the bottom side 

then painted, Nyla chose the colors
and then had a treat...

I just love these crazy things!  I first saw this funky stuff about a year ago at The Art House Gallery during their Some Urban in my Suburban please exhibit. It took me this long to finally figure out what it was and have fun with it.

My vision was candy dish, my husband envisioned a brain, Nyla a bike helmet for our dog, Dodger.

So hey, as your doing this you can talk about space or brain or food or even bike safety and make it a little "learny session".

Just a few tips 
Make sure you wear gloves & any other protective gear you might want, this stuff is so sticky my gloves even stuck to the can!
Only use wrapped candy.  I used a bread knife to cut the bottom off.

Have a super fun day everybody and thanks Samantha from the Art House Gallery for always being so warm and inspiring!  post signature

Speaking of Gap Filler, NJ Shore residents are still feeling the effects and pains of putting their homes back together.  As I'm writing this post it's hitting me; I feel privileged and selfish for using my can for a creative outlet.  So, I'm changing my moon crater candy dish to a donation dish for our local family hero's who keep charging on day after day!  Hurricane Sandy Nov 2012

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