Monday, March 18, 2013

Set the Scene with your Screen...

So, the other day I was roaming around in the hardware store and of course I grabbed a bunch of those paint cards, not really sure what you call them but the big ones with the interior displays.  I always take them even if I'm not planning on painting right away; I just love all the colors and ideas.

As I was driving home, I came up with this idea... I decided to give my screen door a little bit of fun.

I cut up some of our photographs that I had laying around, cut the words off the paint chips, Nyla added some "word bubbles" and the laughs began.  It's kinda like an new version of paper dolls.  I just stuck everything together with painters tape so that we could move the pieces around.

Our slider door has a frame in it so I decided to put some pictures on the screen door and some inside on the glass, this kinda gives it a shadow box feel.
I'm having a good chuckle from this; everytime the pictures get moved around I laugh more! Although, I am very thankful that all this furniture climbing is well just...not for real!  

Pictures came from these really fun days... 
Farm Fun,Graffiti Photo ShootMother's Day craft - easy and Nyla's alien, candy-land, circus theme birthday party (which I did not post about but should because it was a blast!) 

Doesn't this picture make you want to say, 

This is a free, easy way to enjoy your memories and keep the silliness going.  I hope you have a really fun day! I'm off to hmm... take a snooze.  xxxxoooo Michelle

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