Monday, March 11, 2013

Surfer Mag in my bathroom..

I just love Surfer and Surfing magazine!  I know when my husband gets his mags each month, he is totally absorbed for atleast an hour, a bomb could go off and he wouldn't even look up.  Which, by the way sometimes works in my favor.  Usually he will slide it over and say read this... I do and am always touched by the heartfelt, raw,honest all-inspiring articles.

I love these magazines for other reasons besides the hour of my husband's total absorption, like the beautiful, dreamy photographs that encourage me to daydream to these far away places.  and that's why I have them on my bathroom towel rack instead of a "show" towel that never gets used.  I mean how could you not get whisked away in those amazing blues of mountainous waves?  The magazine on the left is encouraging me to face my fears instead of giving into them.

Plus Surfer/Surfing mag just make great backdrops for my silly stories. Check them out here Yummy Ceviche' Recipe and here Treasure chest.  Do you have a surprising, perfect fit mag?


  1. Love how that mag fits perfectly on the towel rack - great idea! I have too many favourites to list.
    Great post!

  2. You rock! thanks for coming by, my blog door is always open!


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