Monday, March 4, 2013

Droopy Sock glam...

It drives my husband crazy that I don't like to wear socks in the winter time! (I do wear socks outside, its just around the house and if my feet are freezing I will throw a pair on).  But, I'm a Florida girl turned Jersey girl and I can't help it, I love being barefoot!  I just gotta have "free toes"! My high school days I would just keep my shoes in the car to throw on right before school, until one day my mom cleaned out my car and oops no shoes, so I just had to skip that day. (sorry Mom, if your reading this but I turned out fab right?)

Anyway, So this morning as I was walking around in my brand new droopy de-glam socks, I just couldn't take it!  I saw my kitchen scissors and got busy.
Does anyone else wear these blah things?

Then WOW, I could feel the freedom from each cut.  My toesies are way happier but eek... I need a pedicure pronto!

You might say buy those with the toes already cut out their so cute...I have and to be honest that's just too much pressure.  

This was all done on the fly and on my feet (actually kinda in a crazy state of droopy sock constriction) and if I had any idea at all how to sew I'm sure I could really do something blingy but whew the relief!  

"Free toes" at last! :)

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  1. You are cracking me up! From one Florida girl to another: I totally get this!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and getting this :)


Thanks for making me smile from your sweet comment!