Saturday, August 25, 2012

My takeout container became... shrinky dinky

Sleeping Rock Star Shrinkerella, her glam -  glam slipper and lots of luscious jewels. 

So here's how it happened, I looked up how to make home-made shrinkydinks HERE.  Of course, out of all the plastic containers I have collected none of them were #6 recycled.  So, I went and got some chicken wings and WOW, Rock Star Shrinkerella was born!

None of my shrinkys came out like I intended but all of them came out pretty fun and I think that's the cool, surprising thing about these little plastic recycle creations.

We had a family fun time creating these cute little droplets.  We'll definitely make these again... chicken wings anyone?

xxxxoooo Michelle

Thanks Curbly for helping me create Shrinkerella and being a place where I can go for tons of inspiration - you ROCK!

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