Monday, August 27, 2012

My Mini Marshmellow Headboard DIY...

Well, its not really mini marshmallows but...

Here's how I came up with my new headboard/wall art idea.  My daughter Nyla's pillow, "pilly" was getting pretty flat.

You see, "pilly" is about 4 years old now and has traveled back and forth to Costa Rica a bunch and has probably more frequent flier miles than a lot of people.  Nyla was getting pretty sad. We couldn't find another, not that we would ever replace "pilly" but I had to rectify my sad girl!  So we found the refill beans for bean bags and "pilly" was back in business.  

But, I still have this gigantic bag of beans left.  So I had to figure out what to do with them and my fun headboard is what I came up with.

Only 4 things needed:
bag of beans
tri-fold display board
spray glue for foam (Loctite spray adhesive)
very important to use the right glue-I didn't at first :(  
command strips (to hang your masterpiece)


I have to tell you
This project could get messy, if your bag of beans spill out all over the floor and stick to you and everything else.

And take longer than you expect if your dog wants to help and you use the wrong glue at first and your foamy beans don't stick.  

Here's how we did it - 
We filled up a bunch of cups with beans and sprayed little sections at a time, starting from the middle and worked our way to edges.  

We found that if you dump a bunch of beans at once then they get clumpy.  It's difficult to flatten them smooth because they stick to you and everything else.  (think packing peanuts)

Just keep spraying and sprinkling beans until your done.  We also noticed that when you sprayed sometimes that would blast off the beans; so just go back and fill in empty areas.  After your finished, spray entire piece with glue.  It's fragile but pretty.

Nyla thought adding some rhinestones would glam it up.  Since, we don't have any of those in the house, it's done for now but she's totally right it will add a nice sparkle.

I still have about a bazillion beans left so if you want them, swing by!

Have fun using what you got and turn it into some "I did it" art!  xxxxoooo Michelle

Super thanks to my amazing daughter for helping me make this happen, I love you and your artistic flare!!

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