Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mangos Oh My...

For years we've been waiting for this moment!  We planted Mango trees on our property in Costa Rica so many years ago.  The dream of  picking the fruit off the tree seemed like it would never happen.

One day we got a call saying there was a fire we lost all our trees but thankfully not our home, so we re-planted them, other times when we returned the irrigation got chopped up or stomped on by cows and we nearly lost them due to lack of water.  But for the past few years we heard, "Wow, your mango trees have tons of delicious mangos!"

Well this time, they fruited, we were there and we finally got to eat them!  YAY!

It might seem silly to some to be so in love with a tree but we are...I mean how could you not be when they feed us?

So I spent alot of my time hangin in my hammock and admiring our mango trees...

The squirrels look so different than our squirrels in the US

I couldn't talk about our mango trees without sharing a couple of our favorite recipes.
I'm all about simple recipes and these are about as simple as it gets! 

These are Nyla's favorites and we eat them from breakfast to desert in the states or Costa Rica.  (it really is sweeter when you can pick them from your tree rather than buying them from a chain supermarket).

Nyla loves mangos when their green.

Green Mango Slices 
(sorry no picture, they always got gobbled up so quick)

Cut unripe mango into slices.
Sprinkle with salt
A Squeeze of lime juice

Mango Brulee
Cut mango in half and remove the pit
Score each half 
Add honey or sugar
Sprinkle with cinnamon
Bake or Broil 
(depending on how ripe your mangos are determines which and how long - if super ripe just broil)
We used home-made honey given to us by our neighbors.  Thanks Steve and Cindy!

Enjoy and go hug a tree today, they really love that!! xxxxoooo Michelle

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