Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today we made Glitter Glam nail polish.  Before we went on vacation, I splurged and bought a pricey glitter nail polish.  I got quite a few compliments on it. When we got home I thought hmm... I could make this.  Easy peasy!

I already had clear nail polish and glitter.  I used white glitter.  That didn't show up so I added gold glitter to it.  Well, the gold glitter kind of turned the clear nail polish yellowish.  Yuck!  I was determined!  Nyla and I went to the dollar store, pronto and bought 3 bottles of clear nail polish, (actually it's top coat and we decided to keep 1 bottle clear).

This time we chose silver and blingy purple glitter.  It worked!  

Just like the expensive multi-glitter kind that I bought, you really have to shake our custom version and you have to decide how much glitter look you want because it doesn't come out even.  

I chose full on silver glam and a sprinkle of purple, kinda like confetti.  I think both colors are super fun for a night out, beach time or to glam up a trip to the grocery store :)

I can't wait to use the silver glitter polish for the holiday season!  Wow, what about red and pink.  How fun; the possibilities are endless!  

Can you tell I'm a little glitter crazed right now?

Hey, I hope you have a super fun day! xxxxoooo Michelle

When I started writing this post, I noticed Nyla painting her nails, she was just dipping the nail brush into the left over glitter that was on the paper in the picture.  I guess you can do it that way too, go figure!  

In case you didn't know my daughter, Nyla loves glam, and she has quite a style!  Check out a glammy different way she did her fingernails HERE and how she made my heart melt.

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