Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Treasures where do you keep them...

Yesterday, I talked about little treasures that hold a special place, not only in our hearts but actually have a special little place that we keep them.  I mentioned that I keep little gifts from the sea that my husband gives me in a tiny box tied with a bow.  I also keep little treasures in my kitchen window, in a way, it has become my altar. I look at them often as I'm washing dishes. I am reminded at the love, care and thought that these gifts were given to me and I feel so happy and inspired from them.

My window altar changes at whim, sometimes cluttered and clumsy or polished with flare, now it's sparse and changing.  I'm realizing without intention my window altar reflects springtime and spring cleaning has taken its place here.

As I took this picture I saw my reflection, I guess my altar was telling me that I am a treasure and gift to myself, this is something I rarely think about, and now its time for me to. Hey, I like the way my magic window thinks!  

Also, looking at the gifts in my window from a strangers standpoint I guess its not really anything but to me at this moment the love and sweetness that each item was given and placed means the world to me.

I don't hold exclusive rights to this window its my family's and I get a special happiness when Andy or Nyla place something  in our window of treasures.  

Nyla has allowed me to give you a little peak at her special treasures. She has told me not to enhance the pictures, she just doesn't like that, she thinks its lying :0

Special thanks to Nyla for letting me share one of your treasure boxes!   

Enjoy your special treasures and gifts and cherish the place you keep them.  Remember You are the most important treasure you have! :)
xxxxoooo Michelle

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