Friday, April 13, 2012

Deserted Island food...

Hey Everyone, I haven't posted in awhile because I've been away, I was stuck on a deserted island and this is the meal I was served as I was lazily swinging in my hammock. It had been a long day of relaxing, my body was sunkissed and by this point I completely forgot what a computer was.  

My daughter met a friend and she was happily content and playing in front of me at the shoreline just close enough that I could hear her giggles and see her but far enough away that I felt like I was blissfully alone.
SunShine Salad
pretty, yummy and easy!

My husband was happily surfing.  The staff from my bungalow were the most beautiful people I had ever seen and so attentive as they served me this delicious meal of sunshine salad and striper fish cake.  They even gave me a little towel to wipe my brow.

As I was lying in my hammock I had my one leg draped over and the sand felt so soft and warm on my toes.  As I lazily sipped my passion tea rum drink, my perfectly painted big toe nestled in the sand gently rocked my hammock, and lulled me into the perfect daydream.  

My daydream went like this...

My husband, Andy and I visited our friend,Jay while our daughter was at school.  Jay's finance' Lindsey made striper bass fish cakes for us to try, Jay gave us a striper fish to take home.

I found this amazing sunshine salad recipe here on this beautiful blog,Our
Believe it or not I had the ingredients except for coconut so I substituted Lindt's white coconut chocolate candy bar ( just used a potato peeler and shaved it on the salad, this is my new fab trick) and I had some almonds that I baked in the oven for a tiny bit (got them a little crispier than I wanted so I threw a little sugar on them and it turned out pretty yummy, my other fab new trick).  

Then Nyla came home from school, Andy made these super yummy striper fish cakes (not sure of recipe cause I was helping Nyla with homework or feeding dogs or laundry or something) but basically the recipe is season and cook the fish, let it cool and crumble it up and put it in the refrig. for a little while then saute' red, green peppers and onions, mix it all together with some breadcrumbs and bake, think crabcake).

We had this the first night
Andy called us to dinner and he served us this super yummy meal.  I was grateful, because he cooks so good and he's pretty sweet to look at.  Then we ate.  

We had so much left.  We had it the next night.  While we were waiting for our striper cakes to reheat, Andy was reading a surfer mag, then we started to work on our family to do list.   I said, "Order up!" and we ate, this time without the edamame and peas (Nyla's new favorite veggies).

I've been having glitchy computer problems for a little while, since I'm not techy my approach is to tackle it a little at a time and then take a break to have some fun.  

So, when I finally got to writing this post I was drinking Tazo Passion tea and thought, hmm, what would this taste like shakened up with a ton of ice and rum and swinging in a hammock...

and thats how my silly day dreaming post evolved :) 

Summer's coming!   

xxxxoooo Michelle

special thanks to Jay and Lindsey, Andy, Nyla, Geek Squad,Our Everyday-Art, surfer and surfing mags and Tazo passion tea and my china for my inspiration! 

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