Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I love Artist! I feel they are the important ones who burst us out of our everyday thoughts and bring us into a world of beauty, inspiration and giggles.  They change our thought process and make us realize the beauty in everyday objects.

That is exactly what artist, Judith G. Klausner did when I saw her work in The O, Oprah Magazine, February 2012 issue, page 123.
A picture of 'Oreo Cameo #10'

Ever since I read about Ms. Klausner's art, I've been craving Oreo's and wanting to give my snack a sophisticated flare.

So when my daughter, Nyla spotted the Berry Burst IceCream Oreo's at the grocery store, I hesitated (only for a second) then grabbed them for the love of art and yumminess!

I had a lot of fun creating my Oreo art.  I call it, Spring Time Munch.  Nyla made a TV in hers.  Unfortunately, it got munched before I could take a picture  :) 

Ms. Klausner also turns an ordinary insect into a sophisticated, whimsy piece of art.  Don't worry Ms. Klausner is a creature lover and never, ever hurts bugs.  Since Spring is here and summer's coming, I think she is the perfect inspiration for any little bug finder and aspiring artist. (Although, I think we'll be sticking to more the Oreo art in our house).  To see more of her art and read more about her click on this link .

Special thanks to Judith G. Klausner and Oreo cookies (love the new flavor) for being my inspiration today!

xxxxoooo Michelle

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