Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My beautiful treasures/gifts from the sea...

Hi Everyone!

Today as my husband, is sailing off to sea, I'm remembering all the little gifts he brings me when he returns.

Here are some of them...

  Do you have any treasures?

As I'm writing this I'm thinking of the wonderment of little treasures, little gifts... what makes them so special?  Is it who they came from, the feeling that they evoke, the memory, are they found or bought? Or is it all of these that make it into our little treasure chests of keepsakes.  

Where do You keep your little treasures?

The ones I've shown today are special to me because they are from my husband and he finds them when he is at sea- fishing; I keep some of them in a little tiny box that was given to me by my mom. (you can see a tiny bit of it in the seahorse family photo).  I have it wrapped with a bow.

Sometimes I find my daughter gently unwrapping the bow and holding the little gifts from the sea.  That makes me smile because she is so careful and she always asks if she can have some treasures and I say no.  Of course, one day I know they will be hers whether she asks or not :)

Just think all over the world everyone has a little treasure that they keep in a special little spot.  I wonder if the person who gave them their treasure even knows it wound up in that secret special place.  

Hey, I'm sticking with the wonderment of treasures/gifts, you'll see more tommorrow...  xxxxoooo Michelle 

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