Saturday, April 7, 2012


How many times have you heard "Are we there yet?" and you still have minutes to go and it feels like hours...or hours to go and its only been minutes...
Well, I thought this would come in handy since it's Easter holiday week and there might be some car rides in store; here's a little  game we've been playing.
I'm not saying it will work for the whole car ride but hey its a fun easy try :)

SnapShotUpClose game
Here's what you'll need either a cell phone that takes pictures or a digital camera. 

Here's what you do:
Take a super close up of something in the car and say guess what this is...then giggle and switch players. 

side dish from convenient store
(to put it fancy SnapShotUpClose is a game that helps with observing the obvious and looking at things from a different perspective hmm...who knew?  Children are always getting us to do this so lets make it silly fun and get us down the road :)

also, just have to say, don't YOU play this game while driving. 

Super Thanks to my daughter, Nyla for making up AND naming this game.  Love ya my little love bug!
side of sunglasses
bottom of my hot chocolate cup

Dodger's nose
Have a fantastic day, were going to finish decorating our cupcakes for the Easter bunny and us too :)
xxxxoooo Michelle

I'm hanging here, join me!

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