Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This is about as easy & pretty as it gets on a winter day!

Fill balloons with water, food coloring, little jewels.  You can even fill one with food for the birdies.  Let frozey nature do its thing; when balloons are frozen - pop the balloon and enjoy the pretty baubles of winter :)

When I started my bauble making, it was snowing, then over night it rained turned warmish, then the next day super frozey, snow was gone & balloons were frozen to the table :)

I brought my baubles inside, they are so pretty slowly melting in the warmth of our home, they look like gigantic marbles.

(To avoid spraying water everywhere like I did; add a tiny bit of water/jewels in the balloon first, then add food coloring, then continue to fill balloon to the size you want) 

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Have a fantastic, cozy day!!

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