Thursday, January 30, 2014


If you have a little one, you know your gonna make cute little things for the fairies at some point! 

And this craft is super easy!! Just gently clean cracked egg shells, let them dry then spritz with some spray glue & douse with some fab glitter, fill with flowers or anything else a little fairy might like! 
We put ours in a bowl of water (with a little blue food coloring) and had little boat races before we put them outside.

When we put these cute little condos outside, we didn't realize it would snow 5.5 inches over night! One of our little homes some how dodged the snow (or did a little fairy dig it out??), I guess the rest of the cute little fairies will have to wait until the snow melts :)

I think I'm gonna tuck this craft in the memory bank for Easter, hmm... cute table decorations huh?

Since you already have the glitter out, here are some other fun glitter crafties :) Sparkle ROCKS!Take out container GLAM!Glitter Nails!

We got this cute little idea from the book, Let's Get this Party Started by Soleil Moon Frye.  This is really a fun party book, loaded with super easy party must haves!!

I hope you have a fantastic day filled with love & happiness!

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